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History WROLDWEL: The best way to be a professional welder.
  • 2019
    05 Incheon Gyeyang Seoun Industrial Complex new building expansion and relocation
  • 2018
    02 Dvelopment of Digital Multiple Welder (350LCT, 500LCT) - DC TIG, CO2/MAG, DC STICK
    01 Development of Digital Multiple Welder (350PMA, 500PMA) - TIG AC/DC, CO2/MAG, STICK AC/DC
  • 2017
    12 Introduction of MES (Production Process Management System)
    12 Smart factory support project completed
    03 Re-designated as a technologically innovative small and medium-sized business (INNO-BIZ) (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    03 Inverter Submerged Welder (1200PDS, 1500PDS)-CE certification acquired
  • 2016
    07 Re-designated as a specialized material parts company (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    06 Development of Inverter Submerged Welder (1200PDS, 1500PDS)
    02 Selected as 'Smart Factory Support Project' (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • 2015
    12 New factory (Seo Woon Industrial Complex) Site Purchase (2,300 pyeong)
    12 Trade merit company commendation (Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor)
    07 Selection of the project for the work-learning parallel system (Korea Industrial Human Resources Corporation)
    06 Obtain Management Innovation Small and Medium Business (MAIN-BIZ) Certification
    05 Acquired CU for overseas standard certification in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus
    04 Awarded as an exemplary company (Incheon Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)
    02 Design Registration - All new design inverter welder
  • 2014
    11 Authorized as "Expert Enterprise of Root Technology" by Korean Government
    11 Gained "Good Design" for 5 models
    06 Reauthorized as a “Promising Exporter Company” by Korean Government
    06 Reauthorized as a “Material & Component Specialized Company” by Korean Government
    05 Developed Inverter CD Stud welder(1200DST, 1500DST)
    04 Regained ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
    03 Developed Portable SAW Tractor(LS7, LD7)
    02 Reauthorized as “Technology Innovation Business Company”
  • 2013
    12 Gained CE Certificate for 7 models
    06 Developed High-end TIG welder(P Series)
    03 Established Water chiller system department
    01 Authorized as "Certification of origin on exporter of EU, ASEAN"
  • 2012
    11 Selected as Vision Enterprises
    08 Develop Inverter spot welding machine
    06 Authorized Good quality product's enterprise
    06 Authorized Good quality product's enterprise
    06 Establish R&D center
  • 2011
    09 Establish knowledge Industry center and new factory(33,000㎡)
    03 Authorized professional enterprise in parts
    02 Gain CE Certificate for Inverter DC TIG Welder for 200L2, 350LT, 500LT2
  • 2010
    12 Gain CE Certificate for Inverter DC Arc Welder 160LD2
    09 Gain KC Certificate for Inverter DC Arc Welder 160LD2, 180LD2
  • 2009
    01 Register a Trademark for the name "LONGRUN"
  • 2008
    03 Register as a Partner company of KITECH
  • 2007
    12 Convert Into WORLDWEL Co., Ltd.
    11 Gain ISO 14001 Certification
    10 Authorized as Technology Innovation Business Company from Small & Medium Business Administration, Korea
    08 Authorized as Material & Component Specialized Firm from Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    06 Authorized as Promising Export Firm from Small & Medium Business Administration, Korea
  • 2006
    05 Gain Venture Industry Certificate from Small & Medium Business Administration, Korea
    03 Commence to manufacture Digital Inverter DC ARC Welder
    02 Develope and install digital ammeter in all products
  • 2004
    06 Patent Registration No. 0500267 for FREE VOLTAGE SYSTEM
    06 Gain ISO 9001, 2000 Certification
    05 Enlarge and move new factory
  • 1995
    04 Change the name to WORLD M&E Co.
  • 1990
    05 Establish JEONGWOO WELDER(Special manufacture of transformer)